Jigsaw Puzzle AS2 Installation & Upgrade

Jigsaw Puzzle AS2 HelpJigsaw Puzzle AS2 Help

Help documentation and instructions about installing and using the Jigsaw Puzzle AS2 Component for Flash MX developed by someFrogs. 

Flash Jigsaw Puzzle ActionScript 2.0 Installation and Upgrade

Jigsaw Puzzle is packed as an extension for Macromedia Flash MX 2004. You need Macromedia Flash MX 2004 or later and Macromedia Extension Manager installed on your computer.

Installation of Flash Jigsaw Puzzle ActionScript 2.0 Component:
Close Macromedia Flash. Double-click on the extension pack file (.mxp) you've downloaded and start Flash. In Macromedia Flash select "Components" from "Window"->"Development Panels". In the Component Panel you can find "JigsawPuzzle" under the folder "someFrogs". The component is installed and that is the place you'll find it. Open the sample .fla file provided with the package you've downloaded to get a simple idiea about using the component.

Upgrading the Flash Jigsaw Puzzle ActionScript 2.0 Component:
To upgrade the product from the Free to Commercial or from older to newer version, first un-install the component using the Extension Manager (Programs -> Macromedia -> Macromedia Extension Manager, uncheck or delete the current component). Then install the new .mxp file from the newly downloaded pack. You'll have the same component upgraded.

If you have puzzles prepared with older version and want to update them to the newer or Commercial version follow these steps:

  1. Open the source file of the puzzle.
  2. Drag the JigsawPuzzle Component from Components Panel to the stage.
  3. Flash will ask you if want to replace the existing component, Choose "Yes". If you are not asked, this is because the component was not upgraded. Check the Upgrade.
  4. Delete the component you've just placed from the stage. Press "Ctrl+Enter" for preview. This also updates the swf file. That's it.

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Using Jigsaw Puzzle AS2

Jigsaw Puzzle AS2
Jigsaw Puzzle AS2

Jigsaw Puzzle ActionScript 2.0 is a Flash MX 2004 UI Component developed by someFrogs. Unlike most other jigsaw puzzle generators for Flash, Jigsaw Puzzle AS2 recognizes the neighbour pieces put near in right direction and then groups them. This makes the puzzle game more real and more fascinating. With this easy to use and customizable flash puzzle script you can build your own jigsaw puzzles that can be published as online flash games or compiled as desktop flash game applications.